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Wargame Memories is proud to present this special collaborative effort from  Lombardy Studios (Dana Lombardy) and the RBM Design Studio (Rodger B.MacGowan)  in observance of the 200th Anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo



This merchandise features Rodger's classic portraits of the 3 commanders at the Battle of Waterloo; Napoléon, Wellington and Blücher, and is available in 3 formats:


11 oz Mug All White - $15

11 oz Mug Black Handle/Interior - $18

Computer Mousepad - $14

For ordering information, please click the "contact" button below

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Waterloo 1815: Battle of 3 Armies

is a trademark of Lombardy Studios

Photographs © Eleazar Pina

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Artwork © RBM Design Studios

$2 from each mug/mousepad sold will be donated to the non-profit Napoleonic Historical Society