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Aesthetics, Function and History

1987 article on map graphics by Rodger MacGowan

© Rodger B. MacGowan

Graphics and Physical Systems Design

by Redmond Simonsen

Pink Panzers and How to Avoid Them

Redmond Simonsen talks about counter layout in 1974

The Death and Life of Wargaming

1990 Alan Emrich article on the state of things

Trail of the Fox - SPI

Variants from S&T Magazine

Highway to the Reich - SPI

Phoenix Magazine review

Drive on Stalingrad - SPI

Variant from S&T

Soldiers of the Queen - SPI

Richard Berg's variant from S&T

Stalin's Tanks - Metagaming

Designer's Notes

Sinai - SPI

Scenario Booklet

SPI Game Inventory, 1985

Greg Costikyan sorts the games by era

Wellington's Victory - SPI

"A Variant Interpretation" 1983

Anzio - Avalon Hill

Mini games/scenarios

Test Series - Stalingrad 3 - SPI

Strategy & Designer's Notes

Sinai - SPI

Rules/Scenarios re-formatted

The Chaco War - Command/XTR - 1992

Full Countersheet

Berlin 85 - SPI

Complete Rules

S&T Retrospective, 1985

David Isby on his early days with Strategy & Tactics

SPI Test Series - Italy


Battle Cry - Jackson Campaign

Origins and GenCon 2000 supplement

Starfire - Task Force Games

Full Countersheet

Image description

Air Force - Avalon Hill

Variant & Scenario from Wargamer Magazine

Art of Siege Quad - SPI

Acre, the battle and the game from Phoenix Mag.

North Africa Quad - SPI

Classic Ralph Vickers review

A Blatantly Subjective Evaluation

SPI Looks at Itself

How to be a Metagaming Designer

Article from Interplay Magazine

Fifth Corps - SPI

Operational Analysis

Renaissance of Infantry - SPI


Air War - SPI

1983 Variant

        Bloody Kasserine - GDW

         Full Countersheet

        Tactical Game: T34 - SPI


        The State of 3W

         1993 article

         War in the Pacific - SPI

            Article with suggested modifications

          by Garrett Olinde

            Victory in the Pacific - Avalon Hill    

        "TKO in 3" Strategy Article

Arthur, King of Who?

Britannia strategy article by Mark G. McLaughlin, 1987

The Charles Roberts Auction

by Jack Greene

If Looks Could Kill - Anzio

Redmond Simonsen on Avalon Hill's Anzio

Starfire II - Task Force  Games

Full Countersheet

Panzer Leader - Avalon Hill

Red Ball Express - Scenario from the AH General

Image description

Hitler's War - Metagaming

The Strategist's Materpiece by Nicky Palmer

The Kaiser's Battle - SPI

Playtest Notes

The Third World War - GDW

Review from Wargamer Magazine

Rifle & Saber - SPI


Sticks & Stones - Metagaming

Solitaire Rules

SPI Basic Game Library, 1977

Richard Berg details 30 must-have SPI  games

Dawn of the Dead - SPI

Film Variant

    Richthofen's War - Avalon Hill

     Manuever Cards

Salvo - 3W

Variants for Salvo I and II

     Universe -SPI - 1982

    Base Game Rules, 2nd Edition

       American Civil War - SPI

           Re-formatted Rules

     It! The Ultimate Wargame - Avalon Hill

      Hilarious article from AH in 1977. A must read